Prof. David Thompson, University of Southampton, UK

Prof. David Thompson

David Thompson is Professor of Railway Noise and Vibration in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton. He graduated in mathematics from the University of Cambridge and obtained his PhD from Southampton. He previously worked at British Rail Research and at TNO in the Netherlands. His research covers all aspects of railway noise and vibration including rolling noise, curve squeal, bridge noise, ground vibration and aerodynamic noise. He is author of the TWINS model for rolling noise, used by many railways and manufacturers. He has published over 150 journal papers, 250 conference papers and 8 book chapters. His book ‘Railway Noise and Vibration: Mechanisms, Modelling and Means of Control’ was published in 2008 and in Chinese in 2014. www.southampton.ac.uk/engineering/about/staff/djt1.page

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