Prof. Akira Matsumoto, Nihon University, Japan

Prof. Akira Matsumoto

+Professor of College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University
+Former Member of Japan Transport Safety Board (JTSB) and Chairperson of railway subcommittee +PhD. Eng. (The University of Tokyo) 1972-2007 National Traffic Safety & Environment Laboratory (NTSEL)
He was engaged in;
+R&D of new urban transportation systems,
+R&D of railway safety technologies and these assessments,
+R&D of high curving performance railway bogies and vehicles,
+R&D of wheel/rail interface technologies, especially countermeasures of rail corrugation
+Investigations of serious railway accidents;
- head-on crash due to signaling system failures in 1992,
- flange-climb derailment in Tokyo Subway 2000,
- over-turn derailment on Fukuchiyama line 2005,
2007-2016 Member of JTSB and chair of railway subcommittee
+170 Investigations of railway accidents and incidents including derailments caused by earthquakes, flange-climbs, over-turns, etc. in Japan.


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